Fees and Promotions


Fees are charged at $350 for 4 weeks of classes (pro-rated on a monthly basis) if a student joins in J1. For students signing up for any of our subjects in J2, the following rates apply:

J2 (Jan – Jun): $380 for 4 weeks

J2 (Jul onwards): $420 for 4 weeks

2nd Subject Discount

From 1 Jan 2021, students who sign up for a second or subsequent subject with us are entitled to a discount of $50 off the monthly fees for each additional subject. This offer is valid as long as the student remains signed up to 2 or more subjects.

Referral Bonus

From 1 Nov 2020 to 31 Mar 2021, students who refer a friend to sign up for the same subject that he/she is also enrolled in will be entitled to a once-off referral fee of $100. The referred friend needs to register for at least 1 month of class for the incentive to be valid. This is on top of the multiple subject sign-up bonus described above.

No registration or material fees are charged.