Our Economics (H2) Tutor

Mr Melvin Koh

economics tuition

Mr Melvin Koh has accumulated a decade of experience as an econs tutor in Singapore. He was awarded a Scholarship by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in 2002 and went on to study Economics at the National University of Singapore (NUS). He graduated with a First Class Honours in Economics and was awarded the Economic Society of Singapore Gold Medal for topping the Economics Honours cohort. Mr Koh has written an Economics guidebook and the Economics ten year series for ‘A’ level students. Both are available at Popular bookstores and a number of school bookshops.

Mr Koh focuses on a CAM approach in his classes to developing a student’s proficiency in the subject. Lessons start with the “Content” foundation which forms the basic layer of understanding that students need to have in order to answer exam questions. Where possible, acronyms or mindmaps are designed to help student break down and internalise the content more easily.

From the content, the “Parachute Concepts” are distilled, which refer to underlying themes in the content that are usually tested in examinations. With the main content parts distilled out, “Methodologies” are shared to help students answer related questions more intuitively and more quickly. These methodologies can be thought of as “pre-packed recipes” which contain content, contextual and conceptual analysis and evaluative components to help students achieve maximum marks in their answers. In addition, these structured frameworks taught in class help students save time in choosing or planning their answers, which will give them an added advantage in an extremely time-sensitive environment.

For more details, please visit Mr Koh’s Economics tuition website.